Anglesey is justifiably attracting more and more cyclists to its shores. Quiet roads, mixed terrain, outstanding scenery and ... well, the unexpected ... provide a unique cycling experience. Two of the nine (numbered) national UK cycling routes pass through Anglesey. The four major circular Anglesey routes are named after the birds that you are likely to see on each route: Nico (Goldfinch), Giach (Snipe), Hebog (Falcon) and Telor (Warbler). Additionally we have Lôn Las Cefni, which joins the national routes, traffic-free and flat for nearly all of its 13 miles and Lôn Las Copr (the Copper Trail) a 34 mile circular tour along the northern coast which provides opportunities for seeing porpoises and the alien landscapes of the Parys mountain. The campsite welcomes cyclists and provides secure covered cycle storage free of charge. Discounts are available for larger touring groups. We can also reveal the location of the steepest hill (35%) that you are ever likely to encounter!

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